Amazonia since 1994

Amazonia is a Swiss company that produces the best food supplements. Based in Le Locle, Switzerland, we are experts in the field of joint and muscle pain relief. Our brands Ama-Dog, Amazonia, Mega Flex, Pessoa horse supplements, Muscle Mass, Relax, Arthro Force and Elite are designed after extensive research and using the latest cutting edge technology. We use a mix of new and traditional techniques to produce the best supplements. We know how important your pets are to you and that is why we are committed to providing you with the perfect blend of feed supplements for your horses. We also produce food supplements for people with joint pain.

Our team

We are a small but experienced team. We coordinate the group and set the standards for management processes. We work to ensure fast and efficient processes. With a process-oriented structure, our brands have independent sales and development teams and broad decision-making responsibilities. Each of our products is manufactured with care to ensure that our product meets the respective needs of our customers.

Why choose us

When there are many different products of the same category, you must find value in our products to choose us. Our products contain all the essential minerals in sufficient quantities to relieve muscle and joint pain from the first dose. We value our customers and consider them above all else. We believe that it is thanks to them that we were able to achieve this goal in a very short time.