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Ama Dog Liquid Joint Supplement Formula for Dogs with Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) & Antioxidants :: Pain Relief and Support for Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia & Other Mobility Issues :: Holistic, Natural

Relief for Your Loyal Friend: Ama-Dog joint supplement harnesses the power of GLA to help support joints & cartilage and enhance mobility. How It’s Different: Our exclusive dog arthritis supplement was developed by a renowned Swiss lab based on years of expertise in caring for working and rescue dogs. 



Supports Wellbeing, Too: Does your K-9 kid have anxiety due to joint pain? Our hip and joint supplement can lessen stress & improve your dog’s mood.  Not Just for Hips & Joints: Count on Ama-Dog to help support immune system function, stamina, kidney and liver health and more.

Is your tail-wagger lacking the vigor of his younger years? Ama-Dog’s advanced joint health supplement is formulated to put the spring back in his step.

Whether your hound struggles to climb stairs or just can’t run and jump like he used to, you’d do anything to relieve his discomfort. That’s where Ama-Dog comes in.

Unlike typical glucosamine / chondroitin supplements, Ama-Dog is enriched with a pain relief powerhouse: GLA. Naturally derived from black currant leaf, GLA is a fatty acid shown to be safe and highly effective for relief of chronic pain and inflammation. What’s more, it helps the body fight free radicals that can make joint conditions worse.

Ama-Dog also contains Vitamin B5 to help your dog convert food into boundless energy.

• Enhanced with GLA
• With Vitamin B complex
• Proprietary Swiss formula
• All-natural, no harmful ingredients
• Mixes easily with food or water
• For all breeds, large and small (dosage varies)
• Recommended by vets
Many dog owners have seen improvement in their pet’s pain symptoms in as little as 10 days of taking Ama-Dog. Some even say their pooch is so much more agile and happy that they don’t even recognize them.

Ama-Dog’s mode of action is unique from typical glucosamine supplements. It was developed by a Swiss laboratory known for their expertise—and based on decades of canine know-how.

See why dog lovers throughout Europe and Canada swear by Ama-Dog to keep their fur-friend happy, healthy and active. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to buy now.